Marking Our Territory

As a way to help me be more active, take my dog out more and just enjoy my natural surroundings I've compiled a list of hikes I want to take. I'm not promising I will hike them all this summer (or ever) but they're the ones that have grabbed my attention and I might like to check out. My goal is to try and get at least 2 hikes in a month, preferably, with my dog. The following are links to dog friendly hikes in or around the Salt Lake Valley in order of shortest to longest distance.
I will add personal reviews and pictures as I complete them. Please let me know if you have any suggestions or tips for great hikes around here!

Porter Rockwell Trail (Sandy Rail Trail) 
Parley's Nature Park (Tanner Park)
Cascade Springs 0.6 mile loop
Ensign Peak 1 mile RT
Battle Creek Falls 1.8 miles RT
Living Room 2 miles RT
Elbow Fork to Lambs Canyon/Mount Aire 3 miles RT to Mount Aire
Little Water Trail 2 miles to Dog Lake
Ferguson Canyon 3.5 Miles RT
Tibble Fork Loop Trail  3.8 miles RT
Big Water Trail 5 miles RT
Adams Canyon Trail 6.92 miles RT
Thurston Peak 8.6 miles RT
City Creek Trail 12 Miles RT

These are just a few! I've come across so many more and will probably add to this list as I go. 
Near the beginning of the trail at Tanner Park
Watson cooling off in the creek at Tanner park.

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