Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A Week in Review #17

Things have gotten BUSY in my life. Work has picked up, I registered for Paralegal class, and I've had too many fun things to do with my roomies and great friends! So, sorry for the lateness. 

Since my last post, We had our house warming and got settled into our new place. Didn't really take many pictures but this last weekend we got plenty :)

My friends managed to drag me out of the house friday night
to go to the Hookah bar. I even danced for a few songs!

On Saturday we celebrated my roomie's 25th birthday!
Birthday Girl!
Sunday, we got to meet my roomies brother...
and some how managed to squeeze just a bit more partying out of the weekend.... 
Can I just say, I'm LOVING this whole new chapter in my life! I've got some of the best friends in the world, a great job and an awesome house full of awesome room-mates! I could get used to this... 

Thursday, September 6, 2012

A Week in Review #16

This week I moved out and took a little trip to California!

Back in my home-land
Did A LOT of reconnecting with OLD friends!
My sister's dog thinks she's a lap dog. 
Used to go to this old timey soda fountain/drug store after Ballet when I was little
LOVE plumerias
My nephew is getting to be SO fun!
LGB as I was waiting for the plane to take off
Flying over the beach
Flying above the clouds
My newest roomie, Hunter!
He's such a curious and friendly little guy!