Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A Week in Review #5

My Brother and Jeff sitting at Salt Lake International :)
On my way to the commissioning ceremony. 
Water in a CAN!
This is Bella.  We puppysat her this weekend. 
We had a blast with Gabby and her pups at Tanner Park
this weekend. It was Watson's first time off lease and
boy did he have a blast!

Friday, May 25, 2012

My trip to USAFA, Colorado Springs, CO

My older brother graduated from the Air Force Academy on Wednesday so the whole family spent some time in Colorado Springs this last week. It was a short trip for Jeff and I because we didn't want to take a whole week off. Basically we arrived in Denver on Tuesday where my brother's fiancee picked us up. We rushed down to "the Springs," said our quick hellos and then started getting dressed up for Billy's commissioning ceremony. After that ceremony we would rush to dinner, then a ball. The next day was the actual graduation. We hiked up to Falcon stadium from the Fam Camp (where we were staying is a very nice rented trailer from the academy) and waited in a mob of people to get in through security. The ceremony was awesome. There were over 1,000 cadets graduating. President Obama spoke and shook each cadets hand. Then we got to watch an awesome air show put on by the famous "Thunderbirds." Then flew home yesterday.
We're home now, exhausted and sun burnt but luckily we get a nice long weekend to laze around the house.

Congrats Billy!

Me and Oliver, my favorite little cadet,
at the commissioning ceremony
Waiting to get in to Falcon Stadium
USAFA band!

Cadets about to enter the stadium
Billy having just received his diploma. 
Billy and Obama
Children got to pick up the hats to take home afterwards!
Oliver in his service dress with his Jump Wings
Ollie with Grandma and Grandpa!

Monday, May 21, 2012

A Week in Review #4

A bracelet I got from my family's Ward for mother's day.
The turtle charm I added. I picked it up a couple months
ago at the Living planet aquarium. Turtles were kinda
my grandma's thing so this is a reminder of her <3
My Nephew (his mom) sent me a card for mother's day!
I added the lacing up the back of this dress :)

And a longer skirt!
Just me :)
The following are from the Utah State Capital where I walked around for a bit on Saturday :)

Taken out of context, this is absolutely hilarious to me!

Regardless of beliefs, this is still an awesome picture 

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Thrifty Thursday #3: Hiking!

What's more thrifty than enjoying nature?!
With this great weather we've been having I've felt compelled to spend more time out doors. I'm setting a goal of making it on 2 hikes a month at least and I'm trying to bring Watson along as much as possible!
Check out some of the hikes we might be going on this year by clicking on the "Marking Our Territory" tab above.

Monday, May 14, 2012

A Week in Review #3

My new super comfy $120 dollar heels from Clark's
Lots more roses made their appearance this week!
Got my garden planted! Not sure if this is lettuce or a weed.
It came up on it's own and I'm leaving it to find out :p
Cleaned up the backyard/patio :D
Could sit out here all day :)
Banner I made for Mothers' Day
Preparing for Mothers' Day Dinner
The drink table. I thought it came out cute. 
Love cuddling with my sleepy puppy...
Our new pet, Randal (or Rhonda if its a girl)
I gave him some strawberries last night
He curiously peers down from the tree at us a lot
Can't get over how adorable he is!