Monday, August 29, 2011

BeFunky Monday! {1}

Got some fun pictures over the weekend and edited them with my BeFunky Android App. I've decided this will be a regular monday post from now on.

These are from inside a penthouse condo that my husband,s work throws their summer party in every year. Rumor has it, the place was decorated by the same guy that did Cesar's Palace in Las Vegas.
Don't you just LOVE that green glass!?

And these were from around town on my lunch break on Friday!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


So I normally try to keep my photography on it's own blog but I'm just so happy with how well Sunday's shoot turned out, I have to put a small sample up here! I feel like I've been learning so much about photography lately and I love that with every shoot I'm improving. It's been really exciting for me to see that in myself.

Monday, August 22, 2011

More pictures of our place!

It's officially ours! Both signatures on the lease, keys in hand! Also, our landlord gave us a bottle of wine, that must seal the deal! We got the keys yesterday around 4:30 but were way exhausted so we haven't moved anything of ours in yet... I'm really hoping we can get some fine gentlemen to help us with our king sized bed and the stairs...
Anyways, So I did go around and get pictures of all the things that weren't photographed in the add. I'm sooo beyond amazed that we have such a sweet place! Our oven/range alone, according to our landlord, was $2,500 and WE get it for now?! Just wait till I get a video up of our cheery little washer and dryer... They sing! I'm rambling, here are the pictures, Enjoy!

This is our pantry, the doors are
painted with chalkboard paint!

Our living room from the other angle.

Downstairs, 3/4 bath!

Stairs and a hubby :)

Our office window, viewed from the stairs

Office, I love the cubbies!

Second bedroom

Second bedroom (2)


Upstairs, Full Bathroom

Our bedroom


That's all for now but I'll probably get a video up when we're moved in :)

Friday, August 19, 2011

Fun with my Infuse and the BeFunky editing app

I have this really cool app on my phone called BeFunky for editing or taking pictures! When I googled it just now I found out you can even use it online!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

New Phone: Samsung Infuse

So my husband and I have finally made the switch. We're no longer apple zombies (not that there's anything wrong with it). We've upgraded from our iPhones to Android phones! I guess I'm officially a Google girl with my Chrome browser and Android phone :p Anyways, I'm no techi so if you're thinking about buying this phone and looking for specs, go read one of the hundreds of reviews online. This is just my opinion of and chance to show off my new phone!
I LOVE it! It's massive but so light that you barely notice... until you look at it's 4.5" screen! This thing is bordering on a tablet. It's great for all the non phone things we all do with our phones, watch movies, browse the internet, BLOG... It just seams a lot easier on the usable sized screen. Not only is the screen bigger but it's clearer and brighter. It has amazing contrast, bright whites and dark blacks thanks to its' Organic Light Emitting Diode, or OLED, screen. 
As a photographer, I must confess, the camera is probably my favorite new feature! I upgraded from the 3gs so I was a little behind in the technological world of cell phones. I didn't have a user facing camera so that feature is pretty nice for me now and my built in camera was only 3 megapixels and had no flash. This new camera boasts 8 megapixels and a great built in flash. Not only that but it has tons of features. You can adjust nearly every aspect of the camera including the flash, iso, exposure and metering. It also has touch-to-focus, letting you focus on any object in the view finder. I've even decided against upgrading my 7.2 megapixel point and shoot because I can just use my phone!

The freedoms of android means there are tons of awesome free apps but I feel like the "Android Market" or apps store is a little lacking. It's hard to navigate and hard to find what you're looking for unless you know exactly what it is.
This phone has amazing speakers compared to my last phone and it came with nice hands free head phones that actually fit in your ears instead of those hard plastic ones some companies choose to throw in.
The battery life is a little under-par as well. It gets me through the work day and commute home but barely. I've decided to just keep my charger with me. I guess it's to be expected from such a powerful little device and I really don't mind all that much. 
All in all, in my opinion, it's the best phone I've ever had and I would recommend it to everyone!
Jeffrey playing with his at lunch yesterday.
Taken with my Infuse using the FXCam App. 

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Purrfect Pawprints Petition to Tooele Animal Shelter

The following has been copied from in order to help spread the word and put a stop to animal abuse and neglect:
 January 2011 Purrfect Pawprints a rescue group met with Tooele Chief of Police, to address the inhumane treatment of the animals under current shelter management. This was not the first time the group had brought issues of inhumane treatment to the chief’s attention since 2008, yet nothing has been done. Animals continue to die daily under their watch and the adoption rate is nonexistent now that Purrfect Pawprints has been banned from the shelter. Prior to June 23, 2011 Purrfect Pawprints had 24/7 access and was close to achieving a "No Kill" status for the animal shelter.
Without the work and support of Purrfect Pawprints, the Tooele Animal Shelter has once again become a "high-kill facility" under the current practices of shelter management. The cruel reality is the mayor, chief and city council don’t care. Management does not even try to find homes for the animals. No calling of rescues or foster homes. In fact, when an animal is picked up and brought to the shelter, management has indicated it’s not their job to check for a microchip and the animal gets euthanized if the owners have not called the shelter to see if their animal was picked up.
Our goal is to get the word out to as many people as possible and prove to the mayor, the chief and city council members that people all over are watching and they are horrified by the way animals in the shelter are treated and that the current practices have been allowed to continue for years.
If you are in the Salt Lake City area, please check the Purrfect Pawprints Facebook page for the date we’re presenting our petition and findings to the city council and the mayor. The more people, the more they will realize people are determined to help these animals. No more euthanizing a cat because the budget doesn’t allow for purchase of more cat litter!
No matter where you live, please make your concerns known to the following individuals by phone, email or letter:
Mayor Dunlavy:
Chief Kirby:
City Council
Scott Wardle
Mike Johnson
Shawn Milne
If you write, keep your letters succinct and respectful. Let the city leaders know that people from all over are condemning what is going on at the TAS and demand that changes listed in the petition be made. Remind them there is a viable alternative: make Tooele a no kill community.
Please speak your voice for all the animals living and dead. If you’ve already written, thank you. If you have more to say to city leaders – write again. Let them know we are watching and still horrified.

If you wish to, you can sign the petition here.

We're Moving!

Great News! We got an awesome town-home! I didn't want to say anything on here for fear of jinxing it but we went and walked through it Sunday and last night the landlord emailed us the lease! It's Just north of the gateway mall on a little private street. It's modern and has great appliances. It's a 2 bedroom, 1 & 3/4 baths with an office and back yard. It has a gas fireplace and we get a big walk in closet off our room. I'm still having a hard time believing we're really moving in there. I didn't take any pictures when we walked through (stupid, stupid, stupid!) but here are the ones that were on the add. I'll get some better ones and maybe a video up soon :)

The front of the unit. 

Awesome Washer and Dryer!

Living room

View of the dining room from the kitchen.

View from the other direction looking at the kitchen

The office. It has a window over looking the stairway and where you can't see, tons of built in storage!

Backyard. Little and just perfect! 

Side of the unit (yes, it's an end unit!). The landlord will be doing all the yard maintenance and there's a veggie garden you can't see in this picture. 

Well, what do you think? I can't wait to get our stuff moved in!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Utah FACES 2011 Summer Immunization Clinic

Watson's been due for a new rabies vaccine for a couple months now. It wasn't a big deal since he's pretty babied and indoors most of the time but it was a precaution I wanted to take before we let him meet other dogs. I was pleased to find out that Utah FACES was holding a FREE immunization clinic this weekend. We took Watson to get both his regular vaccinations and his rabies. He was very excited to go for a car ride and even more excited to see all the dogs! After about an hour waiting outside in line his excitement wore off a bit. It was fun to see all the different types of dogs, big, little, short, tall, fat, thin, curly haired.... every type you can imagine! There was a labra-doodle and I may have seriously contemplated stealing her.... I want one so bad, one day. They were offering $5 micro-chipping but we're saving for the move so we opted out this time around. There were plenty of volunteers on hand to mist down hot puppies and pass out biscuits and pamphlets. Eventually we reached the front of the line. Watson got an injection in each of his back thighs and cried a little bit with the second one but he has definitely learned my sissy-ness. That night he had a fever, Jeff and I babied him terribly as he was fighting off the vaccinations. The next day he was pretty tired and his legs were sore. He had a hard time going up and down stairs but he seems to be fully recovered and back to himself today. I'm so grateful to Utah FACES for putting on such a wonderful event!

Watson Waiting patiently...

Waiting in Line. 

One of the volunteers Passing out dog treats and information.

After the shots. This was pretty much him all weekend. 

Friday, August 12, 2011

Just another update

I had planned to post all my amazing pictures from last night's twilight concert with Bright Eyes but I'm still kicking myself for forgetting my CF card at home! It was still an amazing concert and the XMission sponsor patio was as amazing as always. This time it was catered by Ruby River Steak house. They provided salad, chips and artichoke dip and some of the best buffalo wings I've had in a long time. The Concert was great! Wild Nothing, the opening band sounded awesome and I about peed myself when I finally got to hear Conner Oberst's heavenly voice IN PERSON! I was especially glad that they played Bowl of Oranges second. It's the first song I ever heard by them, back in sophomore year in my friend Jenni's basement.

In other news, we've moved in with my parents for the month after a way too long drawn out time trying to get our land lady to fix ANYTHING. She lied to us on numerous occasions about starting the replacement of the roof but never did. When we told her we were out she listed the apartment on craigslist 10 MINUTES LATER! There's no way that place will be rent-able for at least a month. I think Jeff and I are both just glad to be done with her. And living with my family isn't nearly as dreadful as I had anticipated.

Now we're on the hunt for a new place. Jeff's good friend from high school just got a job at XMission and moved up from Las Vegas. He's staying with a friend for now but we'll be living together soon! We just have to find a decent house our town home in the area. So if you know of anything, let me know!

All in all life is pretty good. I've continued to build my collection of camera equipment and my portfolio but I would love to get a lot more shooting (through the lens, I'm no hick) in. I'm hoping to be setting up a home studio in our new place so I can keep busy through the winter. I'd also like to get into infant photography.

Well, that's probably enough ramblings for now. Hope everyone is doing fantastic! Have a great day!