Thursday, April 28, 2011

Our Visit to Winchester Cheese Company

While we were staying in Hemet, California last weekend I took Jeff to Winchester Cheese Company. My Family has been there countless times and Jeff and I LOVE cheese! We had a great time laughing at the llama, geese and ram outside before we headed in for some delicious Gouda! The shop isn't much to look at from the outside (just a little mobile home) and you have to really love cows to get past the smell but it's totally worth it! The staff is always very friendly, helpful and knowledgeable and, in case I didn't say so already, the cheese is amazing! Still not convinced? Well, no problem, they have quite a selection of cheeses out for you to sample, taste and compare before you buy (Warning: samples may cause you to buy them all). So if you're in Southern California, take a day trip! You can visit Winchester Cheese Co. and then just head down Winchester road to grab lunch at the farm stand I posted about earlier!
This ram was my favorite!

The Geese were being super protective of the Llama. I theorized that she's keeping their eggs warm for them and nicknamed her the 

Inside the shop they sell all sorts of cute cow figurines and farm decor.

How it's made...

Terrible picture, I know, but it's the only picture I got of both of us from the whole trip!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Our Wedding Ceremony

I think I'll start posting the pictures from our wedding on here. Here are some pictures from our ceremony in Brigham City, Utah (Jeff's Home-town). We had a very small ceremony in front of the Old Courthouse. It was kinda casual but perfect!

What I Love Wednesday #2

Sorry for disappearing for a bit. It's been a busy week. So, What I Love.... I love old Farm Stands in the middle of nowhere. Here are some Pictures from Winchester Farms outside of Hemet, CA. Jeff and I stopped here over the weekend.

Our loot at the end of it all. My husband had no idea what an Abba-Zabba was and I Love them so I had to buy one once I saw them there! The Dr. Peppers are for the in-laws.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

What I Love Wednesday #1

We're traveling to California this weekend for Easter with the family. While we're down there my sister wants me to shoot an "UP!" themed session for her and her hubby (and maybe their dog?). I was looking online for cute pictures of other "UP!" shoots to post about when I came across these gems! I adore them, everything about them! What do you think? Aren't they pretty sweet?


In furthering my "UP!" research I found that credit for these Beauties goes to this guy!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Beginning...

I recently started a blog for my photography and kept finding myself wanting to blog about unrelated subjects so I figured it's time to start a second, more personal, blog. Beginning of Ever After is a place for me to share my feelings and experiences as a new wife, embarking on a journey through life with the best partner I could have ever hoped for.
We were married about 6 months ago at City Hall in Brigham City, Utah. We live in a sweet little duplex in Downtown Salt Lake City with our Jack-Russell mix, Watson. We love this city! My husband does technical support for a local ISP. I work as a receptionist at a law firm and am trying to become a semi-professional photographer. We're both 22 and both trying to figure this adult-hood thing out.
So that's us. If you want to read more about our adventures and learning experiences please follow us or check back regularly!